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Developer Placement Sales Executive


Jenga is a Kenyan start-up that helps companies build distributed engineering teams with top African talent. Jenga recruits and trains high calibre software engineers, “developers”, and places them remotely on flexible engagements (short-term or long-term) with global tech companies. Jenga’s developers are junior generalists with exposure to several programming languages and frameworks who can adapt to company-specific needs.

Job Description

Jenga is looking for an energetic and driven individual with a passion for sales to join our team as a Developer Placement Sales Executive to find work opportunities for Jenga’s software engineers in companies with a focus on tech start-ups (early stage to mature) around the world.

The Sales Executive will focus on pre-sales and will specialize in researching high-quality prospects over phone and e-mail, using multiple online developer recruitment channels such as Upwork as well as directly identifying suitable companies in global tech start-up hubs. The Sales Executive will need to qualify each opportunity and build a sales-qualified pipeline of prospects. Once qualified, these leads will be transitioned to Jenga’s senior team who will close the sale.

The sales-qualified pipeline must have a medium-to-high likelihood of materializing into an actual sale. The Sales Executive will ensure this by:

  • Identifying the right pool of companies based on a selection criteria
  • Marketing Jenga’s development placement offering and positioning Kenya as a tech-hub churning out high quality developers
  • Building relationships with the right company representative
  • Capturing company requirements/pain points in detail

The key KPIs for this role will be the number of leads generated and the ratio of leads to sales-qualified leads.


  • Independently set and monitor targets
    • Select focus geographies with line managers
    • Set targets and validate with line manager
    • Monitor performance against targets
    • Report progress and share insights during weekly check-in with line manager
  • Engage in strategic lead prospecting
    • Identify all appropriate online channels for Jenga to position remote developer service offering
    • Identify suitable companies who could be interested in our services in focus geographies
    • Identify new avenues by which to market Jenga offering and generate leads such as entrepreneur meet-ups, conferences
    • Define criteria to qualify the leads
  • Prepare each Customer Interaction thoroughly
    • Develop fluency with Jenga service offering (product, price, target segment) and positioning Kenya as a tech-hub
    • Research company:
      • Activity and aspirations
      • Size
      • Core product/application & technical details
      • Developer requirement
      • Identify key contact person to pursue the discussion with, i.e. CTO, Product Manager, senior developer
    • Define questionnaire for company
  • Confidently cold-call Leads
    • Set-up initial phone conversation with key contact
    • Make the call and follow-through with questionnaire whilst making detailed notes
    • Grasp the opportunity for Jenga
  • Maintain high standards of Customer service
    • Input each prospective lead on Jenga CRM and update each customer interaction in detail
    • Ensure momentum in each customer relationship by following up regularly and diligently
  • Transition hot leads to senior management in a timely way
    • Analyse and update pipeline daily
    • Transition leads to senior management at the appropriate moment


  • Minimum BSc degree with upper class honours
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience, sales experience is a major plus
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to interact with professionals from the USA/Europe
  • Hunger to achieve sales targets
  • Competitiveness
  • Passion about sales and working at Jenga
  • Takes initiative to find creative ways to sell Odoo ERP
  • Self-motivated and steps-up to take charge in a high pressure and demanding environment
  • Networking Ability
  • Confidence
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Empathy to build effective relationships with customers
  • Thoroughness in customer engagement


Why Jenga?
  • Work in a team with diverse backgrounds and an open-communication culture
  • Learn by being provided with regular and constructive feedback, mentoring, training opportunities and our in-house knowledge base
  • Gain valuable experience through your involvement in projects across multiple industries and business sizes
  • Thrive with a high level of autonomy and responsibility in a small, agile, and growing team, to demonstrate your skills and grow through merit
  • Deliver a tangible impact on customer satisfaction, as Jenga is committed to finding the right solution for the right client and delivering it with the highest level of professional standards
  • Promote the growth of African businesses, by equipping them with the right tools and support to unleash their potential
Job benefits
  • Competitive salary, that will grow as you grow
  • 21 days holiday – and we will make you take it. Burnout is not big or clever.
  • Limitless challenge and scope for development. You are joining us at a very exciting time and have the opportunity to take this role in your preferred direction as we grow.
  • As much of our time as you need. You professional growth is important to us, and we want to help you to be awesome.
  • Sensible problems that will add real value to real people. Work without impact is meaningless.
  • More benefits to come as we grow – and as a team member, we’ll ask for your suggestions!

Application Process

  • The recruitment process takes place in 3 steps:
    • Pre-screening: An online form to fill in
    • Qualified candidates invited for a face-to-face interview at our office
    • Interview outcome communicated

If this looks like you, please send us your name, email, LinkedIn link, Github link, resume and cover letter at