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Hire Kenya’s top tech talent

Access an untapped talent pool and recruit the best software engineers for your team.

Bringing you the best of Kenya's tech talent

Talent is universal. Technology transcends geographies. We source and train Kenyan software developers to solve your tech challenges and accelerate your growth, no matter where you are based in the world.

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Why Jenga

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Access Top Talent

You struggle to get the best developers in your geography? Get the top 1% of Kenyan software engineers.

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Ramp your tech team up or down with Jenga developers based on your product roadmap and funding. 1-month notice. No strings attached.

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We’ll most likely be cheaper than your local talent. We know, you don’t care about cost, you care about getting the best developers. It’s an added benefit which makes it a no-brainer to try!

Our Stacks

Our software engineers are proficient with the latest technologies, whether front-end, back-end and DevOps. Based on your stack, we find the best skills match to fit your needs.

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How It Works

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Who are Jenga developers?
  • Junior with CS degree and/or background.
  • Worked on projects and has 1+ year(s) work experience.
  • Very smart and eager to learn with the right attitude.
  • Experienced, some front-end and back-end with potentially a preference for one or the other.
Male team leader guiding a female junior developer through pair programming
How to make the most out of Jenga developers?
  • Have a PM (or equivalent) to prioritize the features on your product.
  • Have a CTO/senior developer to guide them initially in your stack, help them grow with you.
  • Ideally, both people above!
Male and female software developers working side by side from their computers
You hired a Jenga developer, now what?
  • The Jenga developer fully integrates into your team.
  • She/he has access to your various tools (e.g., Github, Slack, JIRA).
  • She/he works from the Jenga office with Jenga hardware.
  • At the end of the month, you pay per day worked.

They have grown with Jenga

Let’s build up your tech team together

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1. Chat on Stack

We have a 30-minute chat to better understand your tech stack, current team setup & desired skillset.

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2. Source and Train

If not already working for us, we find the right talent and train them to fit your stack.

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3. Hire and Onboard

Equipped with appropriate communication and development tracking tools, our developer seamlessly fits in your team.

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4. Deliver

Feature after feature, our developer will remotely deliver for your product. And you’ll get one simple monthly invoice.

What Our Clients Say

To keep up with our aggressive growth and product plan, we needed the right developer immediately. Within days, Jenga had found the right person to help develop our client web app. He has been working remotely in perfect sync with our current tech team, delivering features and fixes, and proactively making suggestions to improve our product. Daily Slack messages and weekly team calls made the integration very smooth.

The Jenga developer integrated smoothly in our team of 20+ software engineers to help us deliver on a tight product deadline for our national product launch. He was great to work with and delivered his part every sprint, so we extended past the launch to further accelerate our product development.

We needed to ramp up the front-end development of a data marketing app for a major client. The two remote Jenga developers worked seamlessly with my team to deliver a best-in-class application. 4 months later, once the application was on track we reduced our requirement to one Jenga developer to maintain and improve the stabilized app, and shifted the second developer to another Artefact project. Jenga delivered on the flexibility and talent we were looking for.

Hire Jenga developers and build your products with us